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LaaSy is building the final-word loyalty program to benefit both our enterprise clients and their members by channeling a community’s collective purchasing power to create impact, trust, and transparency.

ClientLaaSyDateJune, 2023Share

We’ve all been part of rewards systems that were needlessly complex, awkward, outdated, prone to sudden changes in value, and – despite all the points we were supposedly accruing – pointless. LaaSy’s solution is a straightforward, tech-forward platform that doesn’t force users to be loyal to a brand, but rather allows them to be loyal to themselves. Operating behind a member wall allows us to offer exclusive discounts and cashback on purchases ranging from hotel rooms to restaurants, from virtual primary care to concert tickets.

Our simple goal is to take the mystery out of loyalty programs. LaaSy’s white-labeled modular software system makes it possible to harness the collective buying power of a community or user base, monetizing the mission and values of retailers, membership organizations, brands, or employers. By tapping into the margin that merchants are willing to cede for customer acquisition and by partnering with values-driven affinity communities, LaaSy provides a wide-beam solution: a previously inaccessible revenue and data stream for our enterprise clients; transparency, trust, and tangible rewards for their members.