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Spark Biomedical

A wearable therapy that makes it easier for people to overcome withdrawal, heal from addiction and be free to achieve the better quality of life they deserve.

ClientSpark BiomedicalDateJune, 2019Share

Introducing the Sparrow Therapy System from Spark. The Sparrow device is the only FDA-cleared, drug-free, non-addictive, non-invasive wearable treatment technology for the relief of opioid withdrawal symptoms. By stimulating endorphin and dopamine production in the central brain areas via electrical controlled impulses to the Vagus Nerve and Trigeminal Nerves, Spark’s therapy system relieves the physical withdrawal symptoms experienced in the opioid withdrawal period by over 40% in the first hour and then by over 60% over the next 5-6 days

Cleared for use in inpatient, outpatient, and most recently with breakthrough application from the FDA on future applications, Spark is changing the therapeutic game for patients as we attempt to help many coming out of their own opioid crisis.

WAVE is excited about the state of the product in North American healthcare, the maturity of the management team, and the future use applications already under scientific study and review. We are leading the Series A round for the company and excited about assisting this breakthrough FDA-cleared device as it gains market share across the country.