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Started with a challenge from President Livingstone to find innovative ways to generate R1 funding Waco Ventures (WAVE) and Baylor Provost of Research Staff set out to improve the level of technology engagement and new patents in 2020, since then we have had 80+ new patent applications with 42 awarded in the past 2 years.

Utilizing a three-phase hand off model, each potential technology is reviewed, prepared, and ultimately leveraged as a Baylor asset to create new value in a new corporate business, based here in the Waco community. Most of our activities center around research and business building done at the BRIC, and this process here shows how all 6 phases work in concert to increase survivability approaching and moving through the preverbal ‘Valley of Death’ present in all early-stage startup companies.

Please contact us below if you would like to schedule a tour of the Baylor BRIC facilities or any of our Operating Companies.