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Ridiculously Good Donuts & People

“It started innocently enough with a bite of a Croissant Donut from the shop downstairs. Before we knew it (six weeks, one Craigslist ad, a french pastry chef and 237,342 sticks of butter later), we had landed on our own recipe that we wanted to eat forever and always.

We moved back to Waco and set out to share the two things we believe have the ability to change the world—kindness and killer Croissant Donuts.”

ClientNightlight DonutsDateMarch, 2021Share

In 2018, two twin entrepreneurs and creatives,  Jackson & John Wren moved to NYC sure to be writers for Saturday Night Live™. While living on 121st street above a donut shop, they came across ‘the cronut’ and noticed there was a line until they were sold out each day. Convinced there was a business there they hired a French chef, made their own recipe, added some coffee, and moved back home to Waco to give the idea a go!

With just a food truck and a town full of hungry college kids, they began outside The Silos with Chip & Joanna Gains. One of Joanna’s design specialists, Kate began hanging out with the guys and started adding flavor, an approach, and a culture that set Nightlight on its path to donut stardom.

Kate joined the team full time in Jan 2020, and with their product, their culture, and their brand – they were finally ready to… begin a pandemic.  [Dramatic pause]

But despite the world shifting in 2020, their food truck and popularity only grew and in December 2020, they opened their very first physical storefront.

Long lines and thousands of sales later interest from franchising organizations started rolling in, and thus was born the plan to maximize and prove brand and financial success across three stores this next year – and then begin the franchise run to 100 stores over the next 5 years. Now under the direction of CEO Kate Kookier, Nightlight is preparing for its 2nd and 3rd locations in the Dallas Fort Worth area.