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Color Without Limits™

6P Color, Inc. is the exclusive commercialization collaborator of Baylor University that can bring 6P Color to the world through collaboration with display manufacturing companies, content production companies, and media distribution companies.

Client6P Color Inc.DateJanuary, 2020Share

Experience the Full Color Range

Since the invention of the first cathode ray tubes in 1897 and the first color television sets in 1953, man has been on a continual quest to advance the digital display of images on screens of all sizes to match the brilliance of images seen with the human eye.

Over the past decades, the advancement of plasma and LED screens and the resolution ‘K-wars’ (2k, 4k, 8k, etc.) in HD have been astounding, but three Baylor researchers, Gary Mandle, Corey Carbonara, and Michael Korpi, have developed the new colorimetric science that will allow the world’s first retro-compatible multi-primary color systems. With the new coding science, color can now be disrupted through all phases of the Lens-to-Lens processing. Beginning with capture of RAW images on commercial cameras, through processing, storage, post-editing, digital distribution, and ultimately updated display systems in the form of screens, projectors, and handheld devices – 6P Color now makes the colors we see in nature possible to accurately be displayed on digital displays.

All 6P science, technology, and processes are now protected with over 4 dozen unique unencumbered patents from the USPTO.